Fat Cats, Skinny Cats and Especially Naughty Cats

Fat cats need exercise. Skinny cats need perches.  Naughty cats need to be entertained and you can accomplish a lot with a little just by learning how to make some design changes to your home that go beyond a fresh new cardboard box!

This blog is dedicated to create conversations and to learn about on site services, DIY  projects for your cats and consultation services to help design your cat’s space.  We want you to know how to maximize living areas for your cats exercise and enjoyment, how to accommodate small homes and problem solve difficult living arrangements so that more cats are able to stay with their guardians even when life circumstances change.

My first recommendation? Go pre-order this book Catification by Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin from Hauspanther – it’s going to rock the kitty world I can promise you that!




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