You’re Not Using That Wall Anyway

It costs very little time or money to start adding a few touches here and there to your home for your cat’s enjoyment and exercise.  The shelf and brackets shown here with my naughty cat Tonka sitting on it cost less than $20.00 at my local Home Depot including the gas to go get it.  TonkaShelf2

The shelf is a hefty 12″ wide and 48″ long which I love because as you can see Tonka is a bit on the hefty side himself and there are 3 other cats who will be jostling for space once they hear the news that a fresh perch has been installed.  This setup took a drill, some plastic drywall screw inserts which you really want to use in any place that you are not mounting a shelf system into a wall stud, a small level and about 10 minutes to install.

Before installing a shelf or perch I make sure that there are places to get on and off when other cats want to ahem…share…space. Look at your placement carefully.  If another cat decides it wants the shelf chances are one of them will shove the other right off the side so make sure there is a safe place to land!

In this case the shelf is over a bed so safe up, safe down and safe falling off angles are all covered!  Most shelves like the dark one shown here with Junah modeling in exchange for treats (cats really will work for food!) are about 10″

JunahShelfwide and 24″ long.  Ok for short naps and for my 2 smaller cats, Grit and Junah but Tonka and Juniper Hoot are large and so don’t use them as much. The smaller shelves are about the same price, less than $20.00 for a shelf and brackets.

Take a walk around your house and notice where your cats hang out.  Where does the sun come in? Which windows do they frequent the most?  See if there is wall space with safe places to get up and down from for a wall perch.  If you want fancy try Ikea they have a lot of very nice inexpensive options to try out!

Also keep in mind that when I first started installing perches it took treats and feather toys to get the cats to try getting on them at first.  After about 2 weeks everyone was using them at least some of the time so give it time and make shelves fun!

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