Cat Friendly Times at The Litter Box in Ogallala, NE

The Litter Box  is a non-profit cat rescue in Ogallala, NE. It’s also entirely a labor of love owned by 2 families.  They take abandoned, abused and injured cats / kittens into their own homes as well as caring for the outdoor cats that can’t be rehabilitated.  Love and time are invested in having the cats who are social, vaccinated, spayed / neutered, and then finding them loving furever homes.
They practice trap-neuter-return (TNR) methods of population control in the area through collaboration with a local vet along with a local grant, their personal funds and donations.  They spend a lot of time educating people on the issues of cat overpopulation and provide solutions to end the killing of adoptable and feral cats.
Tanya and her family have 6 family cats and have done a great job of making the environment cat friendly.  Using easy to get, inexpensive shelves from Ikea she and her husband Chip have created links from one piece of furniture to another.  The lines here are clean and add to the look of the room rather than detract from it.
“We originally set up the shelves in our house because Jackson [Galaxy] talked about tree dwellers and bush dwellers and if tree dwellers don’t have places to go high they have no confidence. I have never been fond of the price of the really nice looking ones but then we found those at Ikea and liked the no bracket look. Those are the only 2 places we have shelves and my boys room looks different now, we replaced the smaller ones and he now has 3 big shelves in his room.”
On who uses the shelves Tanya says, “Cricket (tortie) likes to lay up there, Baler uses is as a raceway to chase someone down, Oreo  (the hefty black and white cat) uses it as a lounge area, Encore uses it to get to the top of the cabinet to sleep, and the other 2 really don’t use it…so out of 6…2 like to lay and lounge, 2 use it as a path, and the other two couldn’t care less about it.”
Take a look and see how you can do this in your own home to utilize existing furniture for cat perches and highways:
 Your Amazon purchases can help contribute to The Litter Box. Check it out at and donations can be made via PayPal to  For adoptions please see The Litter Box
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