Did Somebody Say Chicken?

Did you know that there are a ton of plans out there for chicken coops and chicken tractors (moveable coops) that will also work for cat enclosures otherwise known as catios?

I like chicken coop plan because people have taken them to such heights of creativity! Some Home Owner’s Associations object to your classic dog kennel set up (whic is what we’re currently using) but who could say no to these attractive options?

Here’s a nice one that wouldn’t take up much space that you can find details about here:


Or you can go fancy as seen below here:


The nice part about having a little house attached is that your cats can be inside or out at their own choosing if you have to close them in there for a short time due to carpet cleaning or remodeling projects.  For example two of my cats absolutely adore visitors so if I have repairs being done they are terribly naughty about getting underfoot so I put them in our existing catio which only works if the weather is nice enough.

And check out this little number I found here:


For everyday use I would still attach these to our house with a cat tunnel and I would also want to be sure that I could easily access the house attachment in case of emergency.

And here’s one last option with a nice long run. This option could also work well in close neighborhoods where you may not want to or may not be allowed to have an enclosure that shows up much in your yard:



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