Stand Up Peeing! Who knew?

Catification is more than just shelves and fun stuff.  It’s about adapting to the needs of your cats as they age or when after you’ve observed them for awhile you note their preferences.   If they are all hogging one kind of bed then go get more of those.  We have hooded and non-hooded litter […]

Catification: Simple as a Bath Mat

I’ve been traveling a lot this year. Too much really as I’m not quite sure where I am when I wake up! Although my husband is a good caretaker when I’m gone there’s nothing like “Mom”so obviously when I get home there is some level of neediness by the Four for a few days.  Juniper […]

Catio Tour Brings Attention to Options and Raises Funds for Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon

Janet Eastman, a reporter for The Oregonian, has been covering this unique fundraising event and I thought it was wonderful in so many ways.  It brings attention to all the different methods to building a cat enclosure and raises funds for both the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon and The Audubon Society of Portland. Brilliant! […]