Catio Tour Brings Attention to Options and Raises Funds for Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon

Janet Eastman, a reporter for The Oregonian, has been covering this unique fundraising event and I thought it was wonderful in so many ways.  It brings attention to all the different methods to building a cat enclosure and raises funds for both the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon and The Audubon Society of Portland. Brilliant!  You can read her whole article here.

“Catios can be elaborate, freestanding structures outfitted with ramps and spiral staircases or a series of inexpensive wire cubes.

Like cat condos, they can be over furnished with trees and cardboard boxes, or left uncluttered except for a sleeping pad. The main mission is to keep cats safe, happy and outdoors in heat, rain and cold.

Some feline playgrounds are attached to the house so cats can enter though a cat flap, window, wall cutout or tunnel.”


Here’s one from last year (click on the photo to go to the original post at The Oregonian):



And there is a gallery of options on the FCCO Facebook page one of which is one made from Habitat Haven and was on last year’s tour as well:



For some tips on building your own you can read another of Janet Eastman’s catio coverage articles which includes Monique Balas as well:

“The Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon and others offered the Oregonian’s Pet Talk’s writer Monique Balas these tips on building a catio:

  • A catio can be any size. A small window enclosure will work if you’re short on space. Existing patios can be transformed into catios simply by enclosing them with screen or wire.
  • You can build a catio yourself, order premade kits, fencing like Cat Fence-In or an enclosure system like Purr…fect Fence. Or hire someone. No special permit or approvals are required.
  • Make sure the catio is fully enclosed so cats cannot get out and predators cannot get in. Add a cat flap to a door, window, wall cut, or build a tunnel or screened walkway.
  • Provide cats a view of the outdoors (called Cat TV) and ventilation. Monitor the weather: You might need a fan in the summer or a heater in the winter.
  • Include toys such as climbing shelves, scratching posts or trees.
  • Keep a litter box in the catio.”

If you want specialized help in designing options for your home let us at Catty Shack Designs assist in that process by using the Contact Form below and we will send you details:



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