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Hey if you don’t have a copy of this book of awesomeness yet go get one or enter here for a freebie! It’s been several years now that I’ve followed Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them both and I can tell you their love for cats is genuine and their generosity endless. Learning to see our house from our cats perspectives has made a world of difference and helping others do the same is quickly becoming a passion of mine. I love this book and it’s already on the bestseller list which makes me very happy for all the cats whose guardians are busy getting ideas.  There are clear design plans taht fit every budget and of course words of wisdom scattered throughout. If you only buy one cat book ever this is a great one to have on hand. On the blog I talk about easy and functional solutions or additions to your home for your cats enjoyment as well as more complicated planning so please search the past posts for ideas as well.

You can contact me here or on Facebook for a personal design consultation and lists of resources for how to catify your own home and in the meantime enter below for a free copy of Catification.

You can order Catification direct at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

*these are not affiliate links – I don’t make any money from these thank you State of Colorado for blocking that source of blogger income!

*winner’s book will be shipped within 3 days of confirmation*

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