Winter Catification

So much of the catification process is observing your cats. Where do they hang out? Are they always looking for warm spots or cold? What textures do they gravitate to? Tonka loves plush blankets to make biscuits on or a wool mat that’s in a camping chair in the basement.  He has longer hair so I’ve noticed he’s fine in the cooler parts of the town home.




Grit loves a particular afghan that was made for me by a friend but Juniper Hoot avoids all afghan type textures seeking instead the smooth surfaces of T-shirts and sheets or strangely enough towels.




Junah is forever cold it seems, this former feral who retains quite a bit of his wild nature, follows the sun and lays on heater vents so of course I had to get him a heated bed for winter:



Junah may always be what Jackson Galaxy refers to in this video as a “bush dweller”. Although Junah’s confidence has increased over time he still shoots straight for spaces under the dining room table when startled so I put his heated bed in that same spot. He’s there a lot during the day choosing it now over his sun spots.  The bed was somewhat pricey about $50 with shipping but it ended my anxiety about him staying warm and ending my husband complaining about me keeping the house too hot for everyone else!  I have no doubt it will reduce our heating bill too!

Grit, when she’s not on my afghan, likes this cuddler fuzzy bed from Costco which we bought for just over $30.00. Juniper Hoot sometimes will get into this one as well though not as often:GritWinterCat


Utilize safe space heaters if needed such as this one I put in my bedroom which creates a heated area that they can come and go from without heating my room too much or taking up floor space (around $100ish from Lowes or Home Depot) they ALL take turns here :



So take a moment or a few days and watch where Kitty is at during the day and night. You can even toss out different textures and see where Kitty goes most often.  If you can’t figure out what to do in your home we can help you with a consultation for your specific needs

Here’s to keeping your felines warm this winter!

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