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Wow did we have a great morning! The Hubster and I wanted to support Sana and her offering to the world of cats and people who love them – the Denver Cat Company – so we decided to donate cards and prints of my art and photography for her to sell.  Sana left corporate law to follow her heart and create joy for herself and others with this venture. How can you not admire the heck out that?! I couldn’t wait to go visit this morning. I knew it was going to be awesome but not how awesome! I wanted to just move in immediately! Then I wanted to take all 6 cats with me who are currently there waiting for your visit and pets.


So what is a cat cafe? A little bit of Heaven if you ask me and as an artist this one is even more fantastic. Art, coffee AND cats under one roof? Count me in! Here’s info from their website: “The concept is simple: a cat café features cats in residence, with visitors purchasing entry passes, usually for an hour, to enjoy the privilege of hanging out with the café cats.  Beverages and snacks are also often on the menu, but there are no hard and fast rules besides the mission to provide kitty companionship to cat lovers.”


These cafes can go a long way to saving cats lives as well as providing an oasis of calm for humans. Cats die in shelters for too often. A shelter setting causes most cats to go into a depression or at a minimum you may not be able to see their outstanding personalities in such settings. These cafes give cats a home like place to be while they wait for their forever home, a place to shine their true colors and it gives humans a chance to hang out and be chosen by a cat.

The cats at Denver Cat Company come from Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue. If you’ve never had the privilege of being owned by a cat or two this a great way to try before you buy so to speak and may I add my personal bias here is that all cats should be gotten in sets of 2 or more such as these incredibly cute twins (below)!


We’re blessed to be able to have 4 former feral and stray cats in our home but if I was in a place where, gasp, I couldn’t have a cat I would love to spend time in a place like this. I can’t say enough good things about it!


Please if you’re in the Denver area go visit, buy something, eat drink and be catty, make a donation, pet a cat or even better – adopt 2 or more! If you’re not in the area think about donating or creating a campaign in your community to have a cat cafe! You can find out more about Denver Cat Company and get their address at their website, Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to say hello to Sana and offer your support for cats everywhere.



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