Product Review: Burt’s Bees for Cats Hypoallergenic Wipes

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I received a package of Burt’s Bees for Cats hypoallergenic wipes with honey at the BlogPaws 2015 conference in Nashville, TN pictured above with my cat Junah. Let’s just put this right up front: I was skeptical. I believe my right eyebrow may have raised halfway up my forehead kind of skeptical. Wet wipes? For cats?! Visions of new facial scars in 3…2…1 immediately sprang to mind should I attempt to take one of these to one of the 4 felines who allow me to live with them.

However, I felt like it would be worth risking a claw just to see what happened. My thought process being that sometimes one of the Fab 4 do get into something that requires assistance with removal. Just last year there was the ripping open the bag of gluten free flour incident that Tonka the Naughtiest Cat in the World instigated. It would have been helpful to have these then! My first doubt had to do with smell. I couldn’t imagine, given their uber sensitive sniffers that there would be tolerance of any kind of wipe. They smelled go to me which is nice but the true test came when I offered it to Tonka. He leaned right in and took a whiff, no problem. He did run off before I could wipe him with it in that moment though. Cats and cameras aren’t always a great combination!

My other doubt had to do with the moisture however these wipes are really just damp. They don’t feel wet or “drippy” at all, just the right amount. Junah, although still a bit on the feral side, did allow me to scrub his neck. I even went against the fur pattern and he didn’t mind. He also didn’t recoil from the scent which truly is quite mild.


When I looked at the Burt’s Bees wipe I saw that he actually was a bit on the dirty side. My cats have access to a dirt and grass area catio outside so he must have been rolling around in there. I went after Junah’s neck because that’s the hardest part for a cat to reach and when they are sick or elderly they do sometimes appreciate a little help in these areas. I thought of my cat Ozzy who died several years ago, I still miss him! When he got old I would take a warm wash rag to the back of this neck for him. Although none of my cats are older than 4 years now, they will be seniors someday and these could be really useful.

Tonka (eventually) and Junah both allowed me to wipe the back of their necks. Tonka let me wipe his toes until I went for too long and must have tickled and he darted off. He didn’t shake his paws as cats do when they get them wet and he also didn’t plop down and re-clean his toes. Again, the perfect amount of moisture. Grit gave me that look that torbies give when you try to get them to do anything so I passed her by and Juniper Hoot was MIA at the time.

I can see several uses for this product. Burt’s Bees for Cats hypoallergenic wipes with honey make sense for times when they get into something and need help cleaning up, or they are elderly or ill and we have a friend who is allergic that I can foresee wiping all the cats down before he arrives in order to reduce a bit of allergens in the air.The ingredients listed are mild and the product is made in the U.S.A. which I appreciate. I use Burt’s Bees for myself so I already feel comfortable that they are committed to excellent quality in their choice of ingredients, responsible packaging, sustainability and giving back to the community. I feel comfortable recommending the product for your cats and if you try it leave us a photo in the comments or on the Facebook page!
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  1. Great review. Another blogger posted about how many people are allergic to cats. Mom has always had allergy issues but never even considered she might be allergic to us! Perhaps these would help her.

  2. I have heard going against the nap of the fur recommended for brushing a cat as well. This seems like a good idea; I sometimes use a washcloth damp with warm water when Parker gets really dusty.

  3. I was surprised and pleased to see this new-to-me product =) While I am a dog blogger, I had cats as a child and it’s fun to see a good product like Burt’s Bees get into the pet sector. Thanks for your thorough review!

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