PACT for Animals: Emergency Foster Care for Military and Medical Events


“PACT stands for People + Animals = Companions Together. Our mission is to provide programs that benefit companion animals and their owners.”

PACT is truly a labor of love and I’m telling everyone I know all about it. I met Buzz Miller, the founder of PACT for Animals at the 2015 BlogPaws conference in Nashville. I was thoroughly impressed by his work developing these programs and let me tell you I’m no easy sell!

You can’t help but catch the enthusiasm from Buzz as he talks about his organization which helps by providing emergency short and long term animal foster care for military people as well as those who are having to undergo medical procedures and hospital stays and have no one to care for their pets in the meantime.

PACT, through their network of family homes, can foster animals for up to 2 years making sure that when a soldier is deployed he or she does not have to worry about what is happening to his best friend back home. Without PACT animals are being surrendered to shelters and as we all know the outcome is not good. Whether they are adopted or euthanized either way the soldier knows when he leaves he is saying goodbye to his buddy forever.  The person in the hospital, already struggling, is further impacted by grief and loss which we know has a negative effect on our immune systems.

For everyone who has lost as pet can you imagine having to go through this on top of some already major stressors? When I thought about it I just wanted to cry and foster ALL the animals! When I settled down and thought about what my husband would do if I started bringing in scads of animals I realized maybe helping spread the word would be a better and more marriage preserving option!

PACT needs funds as all rescues do. PACT really needs foster homes nationwide to take in all these animals and love them as their own for whatever time is needed. I think an equally critical need is awareness, I didn’t know this service existed.

If I were a young adult facing deployment with no takers for my pets I wouldn’t think of looking for foster care I would just Google animal shelter and rip out a piece of my soul by surrendering my furry friend never to know what happened to them. Raising awareness that PACT exists is critical to resolving the other two factors of homes and funds. Please share and let your friends and family know that help is available for service members and those facing hospitalization.

Watch their videos.   Find them on Facebook (for some really cool photos!) Read their annual report.  Spread the word!

And thank you PACT for making a very hard situation so much easier for folks!

From the PACT About Us page:

About Us

What is PACT?

PACT stands for People + Animals = Companions Together. Our mission is to provide programs that benefit companion animals and their owners.

PACT is a network of passionate people who know the power of the human-animal bond and work hard to protect it. PACT is a constantly growing community of animal lovers that support each other and recognize the connection between a person and their pet goes beyond life’s temporary, unpredictable crises. We are constantly expanding this network as more people become aware of our work and join us in protecting the human-animal bond by fostering companion animals or providing other support to people and pets in need.

We work towards a world where ZERO beloved companion animals are unwillingly surrendered to shelters because of a temporary military or medical crisis.

What do we do?

We support the community through unique programs such as our emergency Pet Foster Programs, helping animal caregivers with their emergency needs, and running educational seminars. We know that sharing knowledge and supporting the community is the best way to improve the lives of companion animals and their human owners.


Because PACT is making a difference

PACT has received applications from more than 200 animals in just the last year, and has personally placed 1/3 of those. We are growing at an amazing pace and expanding to help more people across the country. As more people learn about PACT, they are driving and even flying their pets from all over the country to our safe and supported Foster Homes, because there is no one in their area that can help.

Because PACT is there for you- fast

No one knows when an unexpected medical crisis will happen, and when it does, PACTs team of dedicated volunteers leaps into action. We have placed animals in caring temporary foster homes in less than 5 hours in emergency situations.

Our Goal:

PACT for Animals is working towards the goal of having ZERO companion animals unwillingly submitted to animal shelters due to a temporary military or medical crisis. 

Join Us:

Help us save the lives of companion animals and the hearts of their owners by becoming a foster family, volunteering in another way, or donating to help us achieve our goal!


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