Product Review: Whisker Free Stress Food Dish

FTC Disclosure: This review was done in exchange for product from Burt’s Bees for Cats. Regardless of this, all review posts on Catty Shack Designs always reflect our honest opinions and feature products we use or have tried and believe would be useful to you and your pets. None of the links contained in this review post are affiliate links.


Catification and making your home as feline friendly as possible includes not only what they eat but where and how. It was some time ago that I read somewhere about whisker stress. I knew feeding my cats out of saucers meant they would eat more of the food but I didn’t know why. This is from Trendy Pet’s product description:

“Whisker stress is caused when a cat’s sensitive whiskers touch the sides of the bowl. The wide, shallow, ceramic dish that comes with this feeder is designed to reduce whisker stress. Don’t think whisker stress is real? We don’t blame you, we didn’t think it was a real thing either until we tested it out with our cats, and now they won’t eat out of anything else.”

I have had cats my whole life and never knew this was the reason they ate more out of flat dishes! So when I saw this dish at the BlogPaws 2015 conference I was struck first by it’s elegance and clean design. It looked big enough for 2 cats to eat at once but I wasn’t so sure about the elevation of the bowl. I couldn’t quite grasp how that would work with cats since they bunch up to eat rather than leaning their head down like a dog. However, I was so impressed with the look of it and thought it might be nice to stop feeding my cats off mismatched Fiestaware saucers that I snagged at an estate sale. They’re nice and all but I thought maybe I could class their feeding area up a bit!

I wanted to try it for those reasons but also because being a business owner myself I know how hard it is to get the word out on your products. I was impressed by the friendliness and warmth of Devin, part owner with her mother Maureen, when I spoke to her. Devin and Maureen’s true caring for pets really shines through! I wanted to help Trendy Pet grow their fan base if the product worked out for our crew. And it did!


On the left is Junah, my wildling, and to the right is Juniper Hoot, former abandoned and very traumatized community cat. There is easily enough room for them to eat together which they often do. Walking up to the bowl they were clearly comfortable sitting and eating at that height. They both ate a lot and Junah came back for more.


An unexpected thing I discovered is that far less food went on the floor from this dish and their shoving little noses. They were still able to knock a few bits over the edge but not much, not nearly the raggedy mess of food bits I usually find that looks like someone was tap dancing in the dish it’s scattered so far and wide! So the gently curved edge of the ceramic dish is not only beautiful it’s quite functional. Form AND function? Score!

Along those lines as well the black and white color scheme went so well with our floors. We live in a very small cabin with handmade plank floors which I love but they are very orange! Add 2 orange tabby cats to that and sometimes it’s a little obnoxious. I’m always looking for neutral tones or simple colors to add that don’t clash with the orangeiness!  The bases to these dishes come in black, white and gray.  They are very sturdy and the bowl is heavy, solid feeling ceramic that’s dishwasher safe. This isn’t some plasticky garbage that’s going to break or pick up weird odors – this dish rocks it in every way possible and the price is outstanding for a product that solves problems of whisker stress, food scatter, arthritis that may make eating painful and worst of all…ugly food bowls.


We’ll be getting another one of these for our house. We have to have plenty of feeding areas due to having a kitty that likes to guard all the resources for herself! Check out Trendy Pet. Maureen and Devin have put together some awesome products for cats and yes for dogs too 🙂



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  1. I first learned about whisker stress maybe a year or so ago. I need to get a bowl like this for my kitty. I like how it’s stylish too! Definitely not an eye-sore.

  2. These seem like really pawsome cat food dishes. I have been having my cats eat off of my dessert plates because I noticed that the flatter design seemed to work better for them. I might just have to get a few of these dishes and give my dessert plates a break!

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