Smart Cat All Natural Clumping Litter? Yes, please!

  So I ran across this Smart Cat clumping litter at BlogPaws 2015 in the Cat Style Lounge which by the way was awesome! I talked with Shannon from Pioneer Pets because as we’re a multi-cat household I’m always on the hunt for new and improved cat litters. The first thing I noticed was the super hard clumping action that you could literally throw on the floor, which we did, and they stuck together. What?! I had to try it!

We have so many litter boxes due to Grit’s (featured in the photos here) endless enjoyment of ambushing the other cats as they try to do their business that it’s pretty easy to pick one and try new litter in. Grit, also the resident changes in the house monitor, came into the bathroom as soon as she heard me moving around in there. I got to watch her inspect the process of changing the litter and of course got the dirty looks about creating change in general.


The first thing I noticed was the complete lack of dust as I poured it into the box. Seriously, no dust! I have asthma. I know…asthma in a tiny house with 4 cats, right?! Crazy! Anyway, I’m super cautious about breathing dust and if there was any I didn’t see it.  The second thing was the odor which smells earthy but was very minimal and not unpleasant at all. Grit inspected the box right away and she too didn’t seem to notice anything offensive about the odor.


I was quite surprised that she got right into the box and gave it a test run!


She’s never done that with a new litter being a slow to explore kind of gal. Grit usually lets one of the boys try new things first to see if they explode or anything wretched happens before she’s willing to give anything a try. She’s not my heaviest litter kicker but she does shuffle the litter around as if she cares about covering her deposits which clearly she doesn’t since she doesn’t get anything actually covered! There wasn’t any litter kicked out by her pretend efforts but there was, as there is with any litter, a bit of track outside the box.

I had to wait for Tonka to try the box and he did manage to kick an extra amount into the floor which I assume is because this litter is very lightweight. A 20lb bag was nothing to carry into the house! None of my other cats kick litter like Tonka the Olympiad Litter Kicker Gold Medalist so the fact that it was a little more than the other litters we’ve used it wasn’t objectionable and being lighter made it really easy to vacuum up! And that clumping action I mentioned earlier? It is amazing, I can scoop it and even large areas come up in one piece. I can get it in the scoop and into the trash bag with no breakage / spillage issues.

The last thing I really liked about the package itself is that it has a re-close-able zipper at the top which means when I knock it over eventually, did I mention we live in a tiny house, it won’t spill all over the dang place! I know that’s a simple addition to a package but I gotta tell you: I love it!



After 2 weeks of use I can say with enthusiasm that I like this litter a lot. It’s now in 2 litter boxes and all is going well! It’s our plan to transition to this litter to the rest of the boxes over the next few weeks. It is important to go slow if you just have 1 or 2 boxes when you are changing the litters by adding a bit at a time over time until you have the new litter fully integrated.


Can you see yourself using this litter in your own house?

FTC Disclosure: This review was done in exchange for product from Pioneer Pets / Smart Cat. Regardless of this, all review posts on Catty Shack Designs always reflect our honest opinions and feature products we use or have tried and believe would be useful to you and your pets. Some of the links contained in this review post are Amazon affiliate links which support the blog.

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