Kitty Kush: Your Cats Want This!

So I got a bottle of Kitty Kush at the BlogPaws 2015 conference. It looked cool, it said catnip on the bottle and I have 4 heathens, I mean cats so I thought I’d give it a whirl or a grind as the case is here. You twist the top like a pepper grinder dishing out a variable consistency of powdery fun flakes!

Getting my grind on with the jar of Kitty Kush turned into a giant purrfest of catnip madness as they literally melted all over the stuff! I immediately noticed a difference in the smell which was fresh and intense and which, by the way, lingered for days. I know this because as one would walk by where I had sprinkled it they would do a quick double take faster than a dog passing a hydrant!

See for yourself the gushy wonderland of glee that these cats turned into:

JunahKK1Junah making odd noises!


Getting the “spins”…


Getting snippy when someone looked at the can…



Tonka quietly enjoying his dose…TonkaKK1

And the aftermath of their gluttony…





So if you want to knock their furry little socks off go get some Kitty Kush and watch the madness! I know we will be laying in a few jars for their entertainment and ours!

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  1. I just had to check out the reactions to the Kitty Kush. I have 3 cats and it is so funny how the behavior is different for each of them. I have to be careful though, one of them has to be put in a separate room to enjoy his catnip, he tends to get a little aggressive till he passes out. MOL

    Love there reactions, awesome pictures especially “aftermath of gluttony”


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