Are You Prepared for Evacuation with Your Cats?


CAT-astrophe: 10 Ways to Protect Your Cats in a Disaster by Cindy Brecht is the best guide for how to handle emergencies with your cats that I’ve seen out there. Reason being – she lived through it and relates her experience in a way that makes it engaging and very real that yes, this can happen to you and yes, you need to be prepared for it.

I have done some planning but reading Cindy’s book drove home to me that there is a lot more that I can do to prepare for an emergency. With 5 cats all of this definitely has to be handled in advance because in a high stress situation the last thing I want to be worried about is the animals. For example, we should have a gallon water, at least 2 litter boxes, their usual brand of litter, a small bag of their food and a few cans ready to go at a moment’s notice. In a pinch I could put 2 cats in our larger carrier but it would be better to plan ahead and purchase a 5th carrier in case we have to get everyone out all at once. I have those supplies but they aren’t in one spot and I have to order another carrier to have one per cat.

We live in a small cabin that is somewhat remote in North Georgia. In an emergency the chances of us finding a shelter that would allow us to bring 5 cats is zero and the local animal shelter is not at ALL set up for cats. We would be driving to family south of us or finding a hotel (meaning we should also have a small hotel emergency fund set aside!) in either case enough carriers, food, water and litter will be critical.

The book contains an enormous amount of information and a detailed checklist that will leave you secure in the knowledge that you have covered all your bases for your wee 4 legged buddies. Please don’t wait until an emergency strikes to plan for your furry family members, check out CAT-astrophe: 10 Ways to Protect Your Cats in a Disaster by Cindy Brecht and get yourself prepped!

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