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First of all I love ökocat litter and their advertising featuring Rufus the Cat which you can also enjoy here. Creativity gets me every time but here’s the thing creativity alone won’t sell us here at Catty Shack Designs on a litter. We have FIVE cats and each one of them gets a go at any product we’re reviewing over the course of four to five weeks.

We reviewed ökocat Clumping, Pine and Natural Paper. You can follow ökocat on Twitter and Facebook.

Of them all Pine is my favorite and here’s why – this litter is in pine pellets so as the cats urinate it breaks apart into dust over time making tracking of litter outside the box far less of an issue. You scoop the poop and stir the remaining pellets, when it is all dust you empty the box and start over. It is virtually dust free which since I have asthma that matters to me.

It only ever smelled like pine wood to me. Even with fresh urine it had excellent odor control and I tried this in the boxes which are in our bedroom and one located in the catio. The bedroom box is a surefire way of knowing if a litter can control odor and this one did! It didn’t do as good a job controlling poop smells but frankly I have yet to find a litter that handles that entirely and the bonuses of it far outweighed that issue.

The other issue that can cause us problems with clumping litter is our very high humidity. The Pine version is not a problem here either because until liquid directly contacts the pellets they don’t decompose. Clumping litters of any kind including ökocat just don’t work well in the catio area because they won’t hold together completely in this North Georgia humidity. We get a lot of rain plus we live by a creek so humidity is our buddy!

That said the ökocat Clumping version worked very well in the house and also in the bedroom. All 5 cats took to it immediately, it held together well and again did an excellent job with urine odor. It did well with poop smells also relatively speaking, smelled like plain pine wood to me and was dust free. I liked it and will continue to use it indoors as it too had very low tracking issues. Our house is very tiny at 650 square feet so tracking is very disliked!

My least favorite, although still a great option, was the ökocat Natural Paper pellets. I liked that it was dust free and controlled odor however it didn’t control urine odor as well as the previous two and only one of the cats would use it. I couldn’t figure out why they were rejecting of it, it didn’t smell strange at all and looked ok to me but for some reason they refused it. The only thing I can think of is that they didn’t care for the texture of the pellets. The Natural Paper pellets also held up well in the catio area even with our ridiculous humidity levels.

The boxes are light and easier to handle than plastic bags as they stack well. The pour spout is easy to open, never made a mess while pouring and the handle was sturdy. The cats enjoyed sitting on the top of the boxes so double score!

Really my only complaint is that I do wish ökocat included a link for where to buy a scoop suited to the litter and that the package be labeled perhaps with a heads up telling buyers that a wide tine scoop is needed. The pellets would not fall through the tines and especially with the clumping version we wasted more of it than I would’ve liked. My scoop was not well suited although it worked if I turned it over and thumped it a few times on the side of the box. As said above we’re going to keep using the Pine and Clumping version but I do need to find a better option for the scoop.

Most of the ökocat litter types can be found in our Amazon shop and we appreciate when you buy from our links because it helps us keep the blog going 🙂

FTC Disclosure: This review was done in exchange for product from ökocat. Regardless of this, all review posts on Catty Shack Designs always reflect our honest opinions and feature products we use or have tried and believe would be useful to you and your pets. Some of the links contained in this review post are Amazon affiliate links which support the blog.


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  1. Hi, Michelle! I’ve been using pine litter (from Trader Joe’s) for quite awhile, for the same reasons you mentioned, and my cats seem to do fine with it. But I’ve read about the possibility of pine oils or phenols causing problems for cats. Feline Pine (which probably supplies TJ’s with its pine litter, since I don’t know anyone else who makes it) claims to remove the oils and toxins by kiln drying, but that might not be as effective as some claim (and when the dried pine becomes wet again, it certainly smells like pine). Do you have any thoughts about that?

    • Excellent question Jane! I’ve had to be careful of phenols because of the Young Living oils I use. Cats do process these differently however unless they’re ingesting the pellets (yikes!) or spending a lot of time in the box which indicates other issues I don’t think it’s cause for concern. I think the level of exposure to their paw pads and lungs, if there was much of anything left, is negligible. I used Feline Pine years ago and really liked it then and this seems very similar. I know the cats avoid the oils I use with phenols like the pine/spruce oils but I’ve never seen them hesitate over the pine pellets. Just to be sure maybe check with the vet but my understanding is that’s it’s all good. Say hi to Billy and Pekoe for me!

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