Creation Is the Antidote

We seem to be experiencing a surge in messages to create, no matter what it is, just create something. Allow Life to reveal Itself through you and your creations is the message delivered in many forms lately and there is an urgency to it which I haven’t really understood until today. I drive over 2 […]

Life Revealed: Letting Go of The “Get” Mentality

It’s been quite awhile since I posted something non-cat related so I thought I would share a short excerpt from my upcoming book, Life Revealed:Letting Go of The “Get” Mentality. Which explores moving through life with ease rather than struggling and getting to your goals (if you’re lucky!) sweaty, exhausted and completely cranky! Enjoy! Life […]

Evanger’s Cat Food Review

    Evanger’s Pet Food has been in business for over 80 years and I was able to talk to them in person at BlogPaws 2015. Their passion for pets is evident in conversation but even better is backed up by their use of high quality human grade ingredients which are locally sourced and delivered fresh […]