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Evanger’s Pet Food has been in business for over 80 years and I was able to talk to them in person at BlogPaws 2015. Their passion for pets is evident in conversation but even better is backed up by their use of high quality human grade ingredients which are locally sourced and delivered fresh daily. Their food does not include any fillers, additives or ingredients from outside the USA. All the foods are manufactured in the USA as well.

It is quite rare that all five of our cats will even taste, much less actually enjoy a new food yet this was the case with every single can of Evanger’s canned cat food shown above. Seriously, every single can was eaten with no leftovers! The Slow Cooked Chicken Stew and the Holistic Pheasant were massive hits with all of them especially Junah (shown below eating Slow Cooked Turkey Stew).

Also, sensitive stomach Junah had no digestive issues with any of the poultry or game options even though several did contain guar gum. I didn’t see any that listed carrageenan as an ingredient which is another potentially problematic ingredient for cats with sensitive stomachs.

Junah doesn’t eat fish of any brand so he declined these also however everyone else enjoyed them!


Without a doubt one of the most favorite options was the Against the Grain Chicken & Polyhauai’i Berry Dinner which is manufactured through Evanger’s as near as I can tell. It smelled so incredibly good I tasted it myself! It’s listed as human quality so don’t panic and while I don’t want to live on cat food if I had to this would be it! All 5 cats hammered down on this option and licked the plates clean! I wasn’t able to find an online place to purchase this but I will keep looking and check my local pet food store, this one we definitely want to have around in addition to the other options.

My only concern with this company’s offerings is this: Evanger’s lists their All Fresh Vegetarian Dinner on the website and the can itself as being appropriate for dogs and cats however cats are obligate carnivores and cannot exist on a vegetarian diet. I would hope most cat guardians would already understand that but just in case please know that while this looks like an amazing option for dogs and could be an occasional treat for cats who don’t have digestive issues, it cannot be their main food source. I would suggest that the label and description be changed to reflect this information. Please see this post at Conscious Cat for more information or talk to your veterinarian.

Finally, while I’m reviewing Evanger’s great options for cat food today I’m including a mini-dog mention for the Raw Gently Dried Beef Tripe treats. Our shared dog Buck really, and I mean really, enjoyed these! Buck belongs to our neighbor but pretty much lives at our house since he gets so many treats! The cats liked the smell and Tonka chewed on a piece but none of them truly ate it so Buck took care of that for them!


Overall I was highly pleased with all of the canned food options here and plan to purchase more. With 5 picky cats in the home anything that they eat with that much enthusiasm and without any obvious digestion issues is good news for us!

FTC Disclosure: This review was done in exchange for product from Evanger’s Food for Pets. Regardless of this, all review posts on Catty Shack Designs always reflect our honest opinions and feature products we use or have tried and believe would be useful to you and your pets. This post does not contain affiliate links.

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