Know That You Know

The feeling that your cheese is slipping off your cracker is real and not without good reason. You are experiencing an awakening and it feels really effing strange. Are you wondering what’s going on? Are you unhappy, confused and weird things keep happening to you? Like Twilight Zone weird?

I know. A lot of us are saying “whoa that’s weird!” several times a day! I hold a live discussion on Periscope 7 days a week and I’m feeling a trend of this oddness which I no longer doubt. Most of my followers are female but not all, the men who show up regularly are awakening right along with us however for this post I’m talking about the women folk.

It took me years, half a lifetime almost, to own that I know what I know. I have always seen people’s hidden spaces and heard their underlying stories which didn’t match the words coming out of their mouths. It’s a dissonant way to live and I tried for a very long time to avoid hearing/seeing/feeling but as I get older I don’t give as many fucks about what people think as I used to. In my early life when I encountered the denial of offered information, it was incredibly confusing and caused a lot of hiding myself and my skills.

However, eventually confirmation would occur and I would have a moment of “I knew it!” until eventually I accepted that I knew what I knew. I learned in time and grad school that it isn’t always appropriate to go around shining a light in other’s people closets much less put words to it! When people are engaging in recurrent patterns that harm them, they don’t always want to know where it’s coming from, in addition they aren’t always ready to know. I learned how to plant seeds and I still do that today when I “know” a person isn’t quite ready yet. And now I’m hearing about other women’s skills coming to light and their confusion around it is understandable but unnecessary.

We’ve lost a lot of our teachers and guides of the sacred Feminine and maybe that’s a good thing because it requires we bring forth the ancient wisdom from our inner remembering. It requires us to stumble around a bit and re-member our bodies wisdom and blow things up in our worlds which  means we’re receiving and offering the world a synthesis of what we have known in our DNA helps us to heal and techniques/practices that we just know that we know heal our hearts. We smooth our own ruffled feathers and pass that calm on to those around us creating ripples of much needed balance and restoration in the world.

As I move through every day now purposefully accessing more of my own knowledge, awakening, aware that I’m being “breathed” and being “walked” it becomes familiar. As familiar as my previous mentally comatose state was. It is no longer strange. I still don’t talk about it a lot but because I am seeing and feeling so many other women experiencing this I wanted to write a quick post for those of you wondering if you need another pill or another donut to quiet your restless ass down. You don’t – you need to get familiar with the unfamiliar!

You may be feeling all or some of the following:

  • disoriented like you’re caught between awake and asleep – time is weird and fluid!
  • wild dreams which may be scary and exhilarating
  • knowing in advance what’s about to happen next
  • experiencing a great deal of lower body pain and issues either chronic or acute (root, sacral and solar plexus chakras)
  • a fascination even compulsion to engage with meditative activities like coloring, hand crafts, sitting and staring out into space (on the surface not accomplishing anything and yet you know that you know something is going on in you)
  • your relationships and the voices around you seem amplified – everything wrong and everything right are all standing out in stark relief and for women they are seeing a lot wrong in their worlds
  • resentment may be going through the roof
  • synchronicity and “coincidences” are sky rocketing
  • you’re encountering the same subject across multiple platforms such as hearing the word “body”, “body work” “embodiment” everywhere you turn
  • you’re questioning literally everything in your world
  • you’re scared to death to be seen, yet can’t stop yourself from removing mask after mask after mask, blinking into the light as if you’re seeing the world for the first time – and maybe you are!

I told a woman I highly respect on Facebook when she posted she was crazy: crazy/Shaman same same. I meant it. Crazy people don’t wonder if they’re crazy – they just do crazy all over the place!

We are not going insane when we think we “hear” information seemingly out of nowhere. We’re not flipping out when we have a restless feeling in the marrow of our bones like we’re butterflies reassembling ourselves from goo into a new form. A form we don’t recognize yet crave from the depths of our womb (that word still feels weird to me but that’s where I’m feeling it!). You’re not wearing crazy pants for feeling compelled to create, to move your body in strange ways or when words come flying out of your mouth piece that you didn’t intend to speak and in fact aren’t quite sure who spoke them!

You are waking up. A call has gone out in the All That Is and you hear it in your heart. Something in you is casting about for answers to a need you can’t define. The need is real and every woman’s response to that inarticulate yearning in the very air we breathe will likely be different and that difference is needed as well.

I want you to know you’re not alone. I want you to know I feel women waking up every minute and when I’m asleep I’m with them in the Dreamtime. I hear you and I’m clattering about in the transformation too. If you haven’t found other women to talk to about what feels like impending doom and certain madness reach out to me and I’ll connect you to all the resources I know.

In the meantime dust off your journal and write – ask the question with your dominant hand and let your non-dominant hand answer. Sounds ridonkulous I know and yet it works. Sit and do “nothing”. Feel into your belly and fan up the embers of a fire too long hidden under ash. Ask your pain what it would like to say and listen from your heart to its answers. Get your bare feet on the Earth every day! Ask and ask and ask again for information and it will come to you – just like this blog post did!

Although my workshops are based in a framework of the Desire Map they are more than that, we go deep and I’ll tell you what I receive because my body hears your body speaking and I know that I know. I want you to know that you know, too. Are you ready to take your place at the Council table?

If you feel a tug in your heart to know more join me on Periscope daily before noon EST @michellewolff11 or visit my events page or click on the tabs at the top of my page for various ways we can work together.

Again – you are not alone and you are not insane – you are waking up and I can’t wait to hear what you say from your new perspective!




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  1. I was clearing out a bookshelf on my bedroom filled with books I wanted to keep; I wanted to keep the bookshelf, too. But as I looked at its bowed back—cheap, even though it’s antique—I wanted to throw it out the window. I’m keeping it for now because I need the storage, but it won’t be around forever. And all those books I wanted to keep? At least half of them can go, maybe more. I “want” to shed things I don’t need as if they’re dead skin, but more of me wants to hang on to crap than throw it out. And I’m planning on getting another hamster tonight. 🙂 I’m happy!

  2. Michelle, I just love the way you express things … there are gems in every post!

    “… those of you wondering if you need another pill or another donut to quiet your restless ass down. You don’t – you need to get familiar with the unfamiliar!”

    “Crazy people don’t wonder if they’re crazy – they just do crazy all over the place!” (Boy, do I know THAT!)

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