Halo Mix n Mores Food Review

Halo Pets has created a freeze dried nutritional supplement that apparently tastes amazing according to Tonka who after this photo shoot literally ripped the bag open to get more! Although this product was sent to us at no charge we give everything a thorough test and only offer honest reviews. Also this is labeled for dogs but we decided to review it anyway because it was so good!

I tested this first with Tonka who will eat just about anything and Grit who usually won’t eat anything outside of her canned food. Grit loved it just as much and was actually meowing!

She ate all this and asked for more! Since this is only freeze dried meat with no garbage added I let her have all she wanted – she’s a dainty eater that never overeats so I felt comfortable letting her indulge a bit. I didn’t tell her it was for dogs šŸ˜‰ and anyway this product should probably be labeled for both. I’d hate to see some cats missing out on delicious freeze dried chicken bits that clearly are a chop licking hit!

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Halo Purely For Pets Mix ‘n Moresā„¢ For Dogs Cage-Free Chicken Formula Description
  • NEW!
  • A Nutrition Boost in Every Bowl
  • Freeze-Dried NOT Dehydrated
  • More – Whole Chicken, NO Grains
  • More – Digestible Protein, NO “Meals”
  • More – Freeze Dried Nutrients, NO Dehydration
  • More – Natural Flavor, NO artificial Ingredients
  • 52 Servings
  • Add to Kibble

Add More LOVE to Every Bowl!

Delight and satisfy your dog’s inherent and ancestral love of meat by adding flavorful freeze-dried, whole chicken mix ‘n mores to dry or wet food. Give them more of the pure meat they crave.


More Whole Chicken, NO Grains!

Halo says “YES” to whole chicken, and “NO” to any meat meals; fillers, or carbohydrates like grain. Add a pure boost of mix ‘n mores premium protein and omega fatty acids to any dry or wet food.


More Digestible Protein, NO Rendered Meat!

Natural, pure animal protein. Our whole chicken topping provides highly digestible essentialĀ  nutrients for health and vitality.


More Freeze-Dried Nutrients, NO Dehydration!

Halo mix ‘n mores whole chicken is pasteurized, crumbled, flash frozen and freeze-dried to lock in the nutritional value of the chicken. Freeze-drying provides the ultimate preservation of the nutrition you’re paying for, along with the aroma and taste that your dog loves.



Real Flavor, NO Artificial Ingredients, Preservatives or Colors!


Mix ‘n mores are WHOLE… and then SOME!


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