Jealousy: Your Green Eyed Superhero

The Green Eyed Monster is what Jealousy is usually called. A not so nice term for something we detest admitting to feeling and yet it can be a brilliant source of information about your untapped potential in life. Let’s reframe Jealousy as a darling superhero for now. Fierce with wild hair, flashing eyes and the sky’s-the-limit thinking we had in […]

Custom Portrait Winner: Angel the Cat

Vicky D won a portrait from me in the 6th anniversary giveaway over at Conscious Cat. You can see my portrait work on Etsy and Facebook. You can see Katie’s and Waffle’s portraits from Glogirly here and here. Ruby & Allegra from Conscious Cat here (Ruby & Allegra are in pastel-not my usual media!). Here’s how […]

Denver Cat Company

Wow did we have a great morning! The Hubster and I wanted to support Sana and her offering to the world of cats and people who love them – the Denver Cat Company – so we decided to donate cards and prints of my art and photography for her to sell.  Sana left corporate law […]

10% off custom portrait art

As most of my readers know I am also a portrait artist.  If you’ve been considering a custom order here’s your chance to get 10% off at Conscious Cat Conscious Cat is an awesome website so check around all the other cool offerings that Ingrid has while you’re there!

Free Drawing Giveaway for You & Your Favorite Shelter

It’s Friday woo hoo! Let’s celebrate the successful opening of Catty Shack Designs with a drawing for a free animal portrait shall we? One of my favorite things to do is draw people and animals but for this contest let’s keep it to the furry ones. I think that portraits even though they are drawn […]