Halo Mix n Mores Food Review

Halo Pets has created a freeze dried nutritional supplement that apparently tastes amazing according to Tonka who after this photo shoot literally ripped the bag open to get more! Although this product was sent to us at no charge we give everything a thorough test and only offer honest reviews. Also this is labeled for […]

Tortitude: The BIG Book of Cats with a BIG Attitude

I had the deep joy of getting to sit and talk with Ingrid King at BlogPaws 2015. I’ve long been an admirer of her work on The Conscious Cat  as well as her books of which Tortitude is the latest.  Ingrid has also supported my art and allowed me to practice on her 2 beautiful torties […]

ökocat Litter Review

First of all I love ökocat litter and their advertising featuring Rufus the Cat which you can also enjoy here. Creativity gets me every time but here’s the thing creativity alone won’t sell us here at Catty Shack Designs on a litter. We have FIVE cats and each one of them gets a go at any […]

Are You Prepared for Evacuation with Your Cats?

CAT-astrophe: 10 Ways to Protect Your Cats in a Disaster by Cindy Brecht is the best guide for how to handle emergencies with your cats that I’ve seen out there. Reason being – she lived through it and relates her experience in a way that makes it engaging and very real that yes, this can happen […]

Feral Cats & Adolescents: Not as Different as You Might Think!

I start every day on Periscope with a scope on spirituality however it often becomes live coaching and parenting was the coaching topic that arose a few days ago, specifically introverted teens. I can’t think of any better analogy for parenting introverted teens than working with feral/community cats! I always recommend the book Quiet by Susan […]

Kitty Kush: Your Cats Want This!

So I got a bottle of Kitty Kush at the BlogPaws 2015 conference. It looked cool, it said catnip on the bottle and I have 4 heathens, I mean cats so I thought I’d give it a whirl or a grind as the case is here. You twist the top like a pepper grinder dishing […]

If You Can Train a Dog or Cat, You Can Train Yourself!

If you can train a dog you can train yourself. If you can train a cat you are even better equipped to train yourself into making and keeping commitments to self-care because really? Training a cat? Yeah it can be done but just like training yourself it takes commitment and consistency to get cumulative results. […]

Cats and Coaching

Here’s what I know about cats and coaching: cats are coaches in furry disguise. They encourage us to change without even trying. They are quiet listeners (unless they have the 2am zoomies), they have the deepest eyes that make you talk to them thereby processing your junk and they support us without being overbearing or […]

Smart Cat All Natural Clumping Litter? Yes, please!

  So I ran across this Smart Cat clumping litter at BlogPaws 2015 in the Cat Style Lounge which by the way was awesome! I talked with Shannon from Pioneer Pets because as we’re a multi-cat household I’m always on the hunt for new and improved cat litters. The first thing I noticed was the […]

Desire Map, Self-Care and Pets

Quick post today because something is on sale that never goes on sale and I want y’all to know about it. The Desire Map planner is 50% off right now and seriously it won’t last long, it’s actually never been on sale before. As animal advocates and rescuers our emotions can be a roller coaster […]