Dancing Our Source

Welcome to your next adventure March 24 – 26, 2017!

An all inclusive weekend of welcoming our denied and rejected Shadow in order to more fully embody our authentic Light in the world. Befriending our bodies and womb spaces through Qoya dance and essential oils we will ask each chakra for its Story and meet the Keeper of its space. Desire Map processes will help us create an anchor for our Core Desired Feelings to manifest through us. Creating clay womb bowls and jewelry will remind us we can access creative Source at any time. We will meditate, dance, eat, laugh and cry together as we learn to love our darkness and our light. Together we re-member what it means to live every minute Dancing Our Source.

Because Michelle and Sara will be holding such an intense and deep space, this weekend event is limited to 8 women. Each day is filled with transformative work which require a willingness on your part to be as present as you can, setting aside technology and being open to information and emotions. You will be held in a space conducive to the safe expansion into who you deeply desire to be in the world even if you don’t know who that is or how to move into it.

Your investment in your growth and learning to understand how to embody Source includes lodging, meals, supplies and highly experienced guides. We are committed to our own growth and therefore able to act as open channels for yours. Your jewelry session will be overseen and guided by Lynorah Carter a modern day Medicine Woman highly adept and experienced at creating space for your creations.

Your Guides:

Michelle Wolff

Michelle teaches using story, humor, and some salty language. She’s ridiculously curious with a wide variety of things she calls “jobs” only because she has to call them something.

She’swolffdm2016 a low level chronic complainer who periodically gets riled up enough about something to write about it. She holds a Master’s degree in Education, is a Reiki Master, has 20 years experience guiding people through transition and loves to help you rewrite your stories about life. She has been a therapist specializing in trauma and is now one hellacious energy worker and Shadow Walker.


Her passion is geared toward restoring you through alchemical processes to a Being who lives and loves from a centered, grounded, totally in your True Power place. She uses any tools she can find to assist from reading your energy code, her Chakra Story techniques, oracle cards and Reiki to cheese fries, chocolate and Netflix. Her gift is guiding you to face the darkness and own your power through deep love and laughter.




Sara Ballard

I am a lifelong joy seeker, lover of laughter, an Intuitive, a Sacred Mala artist, a master healer, a Transformational Guide, and Movement teacher.

My life’s work has always involved combining healing with the body and Holistic Health.

I’ve accumulated over 3,500 hours of training in various Holistic Health modalities (massage, craniosacral therapy, energy medicine) and served thousands of clients in the last 13 years. I’ve found it my mission to apply all of those things in new ways, to the body, relating, communicating, spirituality, business ownership, parenting, marriage, understanding intuition, and so much more.

I’ve created safe and nurturing spaces for women to birth their babies as a Birth/Labor Doula, taught couples to communicate through touch, brought clarity to people in life transitions, and held hands at Hospice during people’s final days.

Movement and fluidity is the key to a life filled with joy, adventure, love, abundance, connection, and pleasure.

It is my greatest joy to help people reclaim these aspects of their life through the lens of their bodies, their relationships, and their life’s work.

My days are spent connecting with amazing women like yourself, sweating it out in hot yoga, dancing, playing out of my comfort zone, feeling amazing in my body, starting women’s circles, giggling with my 3 kiddos, cuddling with my husband, hanging out with my Mom and family, and finding ways to connect and listen to my own intuition.

I have been continually blessed to be an integral piece of so many lives and journeys. I thank my lucky stars every day to have the opportunity to do the work I’ve chosen (or rather, the work that has chosen me).


Dancing Our Source

3 payments of $510

If you need more details please contact us!