Desire Map Workshops

~ You aren’t broken or defective or all alone in the wilderness ~

~ You’re only sleeping ~

~ Your deepest Self is ready to Awaken to your true potential ~

~ I’m here to help you rediscover where your True Power lies ~ 

If you’ve been trying to achieve certain life states and continually failing, try something different! It’s quite likely you’re among the unique group of people who do not benefit from traditional goal setting methods. You may be an empath, an intuitive or highly sensitive person or most likely of all a “multipotentialite“. You are likely drawn to rescue work whether it be of animals or people or both! You may have struggled with addictive tendencies or creative blocks. You may, on some days, literally feel like you don’t belong anywhere on the planet, that no one will ever “get” you and can’t figure out why doing what the books/courses tell you to do still doesn’t work!

Desire Map workshops help you re-member yourself and rediscover your True Power,
the constant Source of Flow which can never be lost or taken from you, only misplaced.

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The Desire Map method of setting goals and creating change by Danielle LaPorte has been instrumental to my success in so many areas, my custom and original artwork, my Reiki and Coaching practices and Young Living essential oil business. I am an affiliate for her products as well as a licensed workshop facilitator for her work which is mixed with my own additions from teaching using Young Living oils, meditation, communication and meditation among other things. Believe it not these methods are related to cats and catification – deciding goals for your animal family and then reaching for them in an entirely different and much more effective manner can make all the difference in achieving them. I’m continually shocked at how often conflict in me is reflected in conflict in my animal family as well. Have you experienced your pets, children or partner “acting out” your own stress? Life is a mirror and you can change the reflection!

Michelle really helps you dig deep into your issues and bring to light what is blocking you so that you can find your purpose and passion in life. She makes herself available to questions after the group calls in such a caring way. Her wisdom and compassion holds space to be vulnerable and go into your heart to really find what you are looking for!
~ Linda Ponce, Puerto Rico

This workshop changed my life. It helped me get clear on when to retire (almost immediately). I use my core desired feeling as guidance for decisions on just about everything. It’s an amazing class. Michelle Wolff brings her extensive knowledge, experience, and talent to it, speeding you along your path to your highest good. ~ Lynorah  Denver, CO

For information on the latest workshop dates visit here. I offer mostly teleconference virtual workshops however I can also bring Desire Map in person workshops to you and you can contact me for details here.

If workshops aren’t your thing please do avail yourself of some life changing and highly transformational books and other fun stuff below:

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