Desire Map Plus More: Intensive Coaching Packages

~ You aren’t broken or defective or all alone in the wilderness ~

~ You’re only sleeping ~

~ Your deepest Self is ready to Awaken to your true potential ~

~ I’m here for you ~ 

Unfortunately a lot of men and women are willing to invest more in their vehicles, gym memberships and hair/body treatments than they are in the kind of intense coaching, essential oil and Reiki experiences that can literally be life changing. If you’ve been trying to achieve certain life states and continually failing, try something different! It’s quite likely you’re among the unique group of people who do not benefit from traditional goal setting methods. You may be an empath, an intuitive or highly sensitive person or most likely of all a “multipotentialite“. You are likely drawn to rescue work whether it be of animals or people or both! You may have struggled with addictive tendencies or creative blocks. You may, on some days, literally feel like you don’t belong anywhere on the planet, that no one will ever “get” you and can’t figure out why doing what the books/courses tell you to do still doesn’t work!

Along with my virtual and in person workshops, I offer individual, very intense, one-on-one coaching using the Desire Map and other techniques and processes including individualized Young Living essential oils for emotional and spiritual growth, Reiki sessions and mini-oracle card readings. Desire Mapping flips goal setting on it’s head and teaches you to allow a set of Core Desired Feelings to pull you toward your future rather than you going out searching and hunting for what’s already inside of you. Sound easy? It’s not: it’s deep and rewarding and transformative. It may explain to you once and for all why you have struggled for so long with little results. Oils, Reiki and my own intuition are all focused to help you awaken to your own knowledge. You don’t need a bunch of instruction – you’ve just fallen asleep and can benefit from having help awakening to your true potential.

There are three ways to have the Desire Map experience with the unique blend of my own experiences and processes in a one-on-one format. The virtual group workshops are cost effective for those on a budget and you do get coaching however the group format prevents a lot of personal deep diving into this transformative process. This process is not therapy, it is forward focused and meant to discover what you want in your life and how to get there as quickly as possible.

Diving deep into what it is that you really want is not for the faint of heart! This is work! It’s rewarding for both of us but you will be asked to get serious about looking at your life and facing why you are struggling. One-on-one coaching requires committment and responsibility on both sides.
So if you’re ready let’s roll up our sleeves and get going! No need to worry about the how or what or having to remember details about what happened in the past. We start right where you are now. I listen to what you say, and don’t say, in order to choose the most effective processes and methods which leads to awakening you to the Truth of who you are and all that you are capable of achieving.
I base my work in the Desire Map materials however I add to that my intuition and 20 years of learning and working with people. I am guided to co-create with you the most effective methods to help you access your own Inner Wisdom because at the core of it all I believe we already know what to do – we just need help remembering. We may use guided meditation, processes from Byron Katie, Martha Beck or ancient books like the Tao Te Ching or the Bible.

“When it comes to Desire Map, Michelle Wolff is the best. Not only does she listen to you, she really gets to the heart of the matter – your deepest desires. Okay, okay we get that. But I’m not talking about the surface crap, those pesky superficial “societal” things you think you want, but really the deep down, longing, burning, soul desires from which the power of what you want to create comes. Talk about intuition and wisdom; Michelle’s got that and so much more. Compassion and understanding, yep she’s got that too. She creates a space where you feel safe and vulnerable to be who you are and that, my friends, is a gift you give yourself.”

~ Michelle L.

The most in depth intensive way to go through my coaching processes in a powerhouse version covers 1 full day, 2 half days or 3 months structured as follows:

Option 1. 1 full day: 9-11am recorded call, 11-1130am break, 1130-130pm recorded call, 130-230pm lunch break, 230 to 430pm recorded call, 430 to 5pm break, 5-7pm recorded call. The investment for this package is $2200.00 and includes a custom chosen YL essential oil blend(s) full bottles and 6 Reiki sessions with mini-oracle card readings scheduled every other week after your workshop intensive. This package includes a free group check in call which occurs monthly with other DM workshop alumni and addition to the Facebook Desire Map Alumni group.

Option 2. 2 consecutive half days: each day is scheduled as 9-11am recorded call, 11-12pm break, 12-2pm recorded call. The investment for this package is $2000.00 and includes a custom chosen YL essential oil blend and 6 Reiki sessions with mini-oracle card readings scheduled every other week after your workshop intensive. This package includes a free group check in call which occurs monthly with other DM workshop alumni and addition to the Facebook Desire Map Alumni group..

Option 3: an in depth option in which we will go through an individual Desire Map workshop over the course of 3 months. This option includes 1 recorded audio call per week for 60-90 minutes for 3 weeks then 1 week off and this repeats for 3 consecutive months. I like this method as 3 months of 3 weekly calls allow for deep transformation and the week off allows time for integration and questions to arise.   This package includes a custom chosen YL essential oil blend full bottle and 3 distance Reiki session with a mini oracle card reading each month during your resting week. The investment for this package is $1500.00. This package includes a free group check in call which occurs monthly with other DM workshop alumni and addition to the Facebook Desire Map Alumni group..

Learning a way to experience the kind of life that is your birthright is priceless. You’re worth this kind of investment of intensive intuitive coaching, the power of essential oils, Reiki energy work plus a mini intuitive oracle card reading, in my opinion and what you receive from me is well worth it too. If you found your way to this page you’re probably meant to be here since I do very little advertising and don’t waste time with bells and whistles!

 “I was stuck, stuck, stuck then suddenly unstuck after doing this process.”

~Beverly H.

This can take your life from 0 to 60mph in a very short amount of time. Got guts? Ready to go?

Choose your option and let’s dive deep:

Intensive Deep Dive Options