Holidays & Gift Certificates

Imagine the feeling of hearth and home. Recall now a time you had a quiet afternoon for yourself: cuddled up in front of a fire, swaddled in your favorite housecoat or blanket, cup of tea and a book. Feel your muscles relaxing as you remember, can you allow yourself to receive a breath of peace in this moment?  You can cultivate the skill of generating any feeling and deep relaxation no matter where you are by clearing your energy system and using some very simple, easy to remember tools.

The holiday season doesn’t have to be a whirlwind of stress, anxiety and snapping at your loved ones. You can make calm decisions, set intentions and design this as a season of peace and joy through setting yourself up for success. A soulful, grounded, centered-in-your-own-power holiday season. Yes you can have it!

Together we’ll help you make a plan with practical energy tools, a quick intro to the Desire Map process and choosing a Core Desired Feeling to use for the holidays. We’ll clear and cleanse your chakra system, consult an oracle card for inspiration and talk about essential oils which can support your body, mind and Soul during what used to be stressful events.

This offer is available until December 23, 2016. Please email me after payment to schedule approximately 60 minutes. We’ll meet via teleconference so your session can be recorded for reference to the tools and recommendations as they’re good practice all year long.

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