Reiki and Cats

I’ve been a Reiki Master for what feels like eons but really it is just 14-ish years. I’ve never been able to find the words to describe the indescribable so haven’t offered much publicly until this year. Seriously though the more we learn about quantum physics and develop instruments to measure energy work I’m guessing […]

Denver Cat Company

Wow did we have a great morning! The Hubster and I wanted to support Sana and her offering to the world of cats and people who love them – the Denver Cat Company – so we decided to donate cards and prints of my art and photography for her to sell.  Sana left corporate law […]

Winter Catification

So much of the catification process is observing your cats. Where do they hang out? Are they always looking for warm spots or cold? What textures do they gravitate to? Tonka loves plush blankets to make biscuits on or a wool mat that’s in a camping chair in the basement.  He has longer hair so […]

10% off custom portrait art

As most of my readers know I am also a portrait artist.  If you’ve been considering a custom order here’s your chance to get 10% off at Conscious Cat Conscious Cat is an awesome website so check around all the other cool offerings that Ingrid has while you’re there!

Catification Giveaway!

Hey if you don’t have a copy of this book of awesomeness yet go get one or enter here for a freebie! It’s been several years now that I’ve followed Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them both and I can tell you their love for cats is genuine and […]

Stand Up Peeing! Who knew?

Catification is more than just shelves and fun stuff.  It’s about adapting to the needs of your cats as they age or when after you’ve observed them for awhile you note their preferences.   If they are all hogging one kind of bed then go get more of those.  We have hooded and non-hooded litter […]

Catification: Simple as a Bath Mat

I’ve been traveling a lot this year. Too much really as I’m not quite sure where I am when I wake up! Although my husband is a good caretaker when I’m gone there’s nothing like “Mom”so obviously when I get home there is some level of neediness by the Four for a few days.  Juniper […]

Catio Tour Brings Attention to Options and Raises Funds for Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon

Janet Eastman, a reporter for The Oregonian, has been covering this unique fundraising event and I thought it was wonderful in so many ways.  It brings attention to all the different methods to building a cat enclosure and raises funds for both the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon and The Audubon Society of Portland. Brilliant! […]


We have a winner in the portrait drawing giveaway! Jane R won the free drawing and will be taking some time to choose between her two kitty boys, Billy and Pekoe for who gets to be drawn. I’ll be back here once the photos are selected to show the progression and you can also get […]

Free Drawing Giveaway for You & Your Favorite Shelter

It’s Friday woo hoo! Let’s celebrate the successful opening of Catty Shack Designs with a drawing for a free animal portrait shall we? One of my favorite things to do is draw people and animals but for this contest let’s keep it to the furry ones. I think that portraits even though they are drawn […]