Enhanced Reiki? Yes please!

Michelle is caring and compassionate. She has a lot of life experience that she uses during a session and she knew just how to navigate our conversation so that I didn’t feel like I wasn’t being heard. Each question she asked me dove deeper to the heart of the issue, which is the point of having a coach. From our sessions, she has taught me techniques that I use everyday to get me out of a funk or just to shift my mind to a better place. Her energy is powerful and can be felt even after we hung up! If you’re looking for someone that is just going to agree with you with no real results, Michelle is not for you. But if you’re looking to make a life change, I highly recommend scheduling a session now.

-Michelle Lee   Ft. Mitchell, KY

My process is for you if any of this applies:

You can’t believe the extra weight is back again!

You’re really tired of looking for your Love.

You want to say NO and set limits but you find yourself drowning in the needs of others no matter what you do.

We start with the Question: what’s up for you today? And as we talk we discover together a deeper truth. We discover what’s REALLY up for you!

What’s the Story showing up over and over again on your life stage?

Who is the irritating person crossing your path again wearing a different face?

How come when things start going good something always goes wrong?

There are answers to these but they can be very hard to see and even harder to change!

You’ve started plans and failed so many times before! Oh honey I know! I have too which is how I know what to do differently now. We’ve left a lot of parts out on our previous valiant efforts to feel good in our bodies, our relationships, careers and lives. I get it so let’s try something new!

Let’s figure it out together through a custom combination of intuitive energy reading and processing of blocks, Reiki with a Blessing Wheel of intention, Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte processes, Shadow work, essential oils, oracle card reading among other tools. I have over 20 years experience working with people to change their lives and believe me – between us we can find answers and create plans that work for your unique system of mind, body and Soul.

If you feel asleep in your life, are tired of hitting roadblocks every direction you turn or can’t seem to quite connect to the success you’re reaching for this process can help. If you’re already an energy healer, intuitive or empath but have trouble seeing your own hidden stories or Shadow this can shine a light for you to gain clarity. My process can literally enlighten you to where you are getting in your own way. We can discover why you actually resist greater joy and even better what to do about it at the level of origin.

“I had my Enhanced Reiki session with Michelle Wolff. It was very powerful. I felt a lot of heat and energy movement in my head, lower back, and left ankle (places that have been recent challenges). I felt that I was being realigned. I’ve rested a lot today. I feel really good and very positive about the changes in my life. Michelle sent pictures of my Medicine Wheel (beautiful, and her cats enjoyed it, too), and the card she drew for me (perfect). My body & I thank you, Michelle!” ~ Lynorah

How it works:

We will meet by phone and talk 45 to 90 minutes (recorded). Our time together is highly productive, intense and opens pathways to information you can use for further personal growth. This is not therapy or traditional coaching! You will be given practical methods and tools to apply immediately to areas you’re trying to change.

Enhanced Reiki sessions include emailed photos of your Blessing Wheel, your card(s), handouts, relevant worksheets, essential oil recommendations and an .mp3 recording of our session.

Book your session below or contact me for more details/testimonials at cattyshackdesigns@gmail.com or www.facebook.com/michellewolff11

My response time is within 24 hours after payment and I will contact you to set a time to dive in! 

Number of Sessions

About Reiki:

I love nothing more than to offer Reiki to people and animals.  I’ve been a Reiki Master since 1996, I am trained through the Japanese Mikao Usui lineage and have used it extensively with people and animals since 1996.

What is Reiki? Rei means Spiritual or Universal and Ki is energy – the energy that is everything – think quantum physics or Tai Chi, Chi Gung. I’ve never been able to find effective words to describe the indescribable. However the more we learn about quantum physics and develop instruments to measure subtle energy work I’m guessing we’ll be better able to define and measure what Reiki does. When I was a therapist I specialized in EMDR, a very effective treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder which even after all these years we don’t know how it works, yet it’s the most recommended treatment for war veterans.

We used aspirin for 70 years before we knew how it worked and I still don’t understand radio signals so why not try it out!


Please note: Enhanced Reiki is not a substitute for medical/mental health care. Seek appropriate medical, veterinary or mental health care as needed in your own judgment. In an emergency please call 911 and/or go to your nearest emergency room.

Blessings to you and yours!

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