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The use of pure essential oils for physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual support is ancient. References can be found in ancient texts from Rome, Europe, China, Egypt  and the Christian Bible. I use oils for effectively removing emotional blocks to full expression on my creativity, for increasing the depth meditations and daily spiritual practices as well as for physical support.

Come see me weekly on Periscope discussing an oil every Monday – you can find me by searching for @MichelleWolff11 and you can see a past scope of me unpacking a Premium Starter kit here

The details of buying kits (appx $160.00 and up) to benefit yourself and your family are listed below but rest assured there is no obligation and I will provide you with a ton of information on how to get the most use of your essential oils. What I will NOT do is ask you to sell or promote or buy a certain dollar amount every month! We can have as much or as little interaction as you like!

*Premium Starter Kits are your ticket to oily paradise!*

Starter Kit

I spoke about several self-care topics, one of which is using Young Living essential oils for self-care at BlogPaws Conference 2015. I can’t stress enough how they help reduce stress (pun intended haha) for people and animals. When we reduce stress and induce relaxation our bodies may more easily do the magical things they are created to do which can move us toward well-being and happiness. I’ll be posting more on this in 2015 however in the meantime please contact me using the contact form below or at my FB page for a free consultation and more information or click here to dive right in and order a bundle of products that will get you hooked on oily goodness!

The bundle, or starter kit, is like buying a Costco or Sam’s Club membership. You get all the products and from then on all the discounts (24% + reduced shipping) without any hassle or weird pressure. One single purchase of just $50.00 every 12 months  keeps your membership active – that’s it! No pestering or pushiness! Every purchase comes with tons of personal support from me and Facebook groups for learning how to use the oils. You have my word that you will never be asked to sell these unless you’re looking for a business in which case you call me on that – I won’t call you! You can find me here for questions.

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