Even The Cat Highway Looks Lonely Tonight

The night is drawing to a close and even the cat highway traffic has disappeared.  It’s been a rough week for so many people across the world and even our house recently suffered the loss of a very dear friend at far too young an age.

Earlier in the evening 2 of our 4 were exploring these steps from ContempoCat and I so enjoyed relaxing and watching them play that I forgot all about taking a picture! I was fortunate to get in on a contest offered throughHauspanther and we installed these a few days ago.  If you visit Hauspantheryou can see some beautiful photos of the steps in action.

Any new installation is met with curiosity by 3 and suspicion by the other 1. Junah treats all changes in the environment as threats to his very existence however being the most agile I believe in time he’ll enjoy these the most.  His fears are nothing that a little work with a feather toy can’t overcome.

Check out the shelves.  They are sturdy and have great grips built right into the surface.  The clamps called pelican clips give the shelves a classy and clean look that makes the wall look interesting and modern.  It’s even better when a cat is sitting there!

As we all know cats and dogs are excellent companions during times of grief or even just an average not so great day.  My wish for you is that if you don’t have one in your life yet that you go to your local rescue and save a life.  If you’ve had a rough week please take time to enjoy watching your cats or dogs or other animal companions as they move through life.  Their peace and calm can be a gentle oasis in chaotic times.

*In honor of Robin Williams please, if you or a loved one is experiencing depression or addiction seek help immediately.  You can call the National Suicide Prevention lifeline at 1.800.273.8255 any time day or night.  Your call is free and always anonymous if you’d like it to be.