How to Select a Quality Show Pet Breeder

A Pet Breeder is a person who breeds pets by carefully selecting mates to sexually reproduce offspring of certain characteristics or qualities, either for profit or for fun. A Show Pet Breeder, on the other hand, is not so different from a Pet Breeder. Only the purpose of breeding differs a little bit.

A Show Pet Breeder breeds pet with the hope to satisfy the standards of pet show organizations and win the competitions the pet show organizations host. There are many of them out there, but selecting the one who provides you with the ideal pet breed could be quite difficult. When you know the signs to look out for, the right questions to ask and the right places to look, you will find that making that decision becomes easier.

The Right Places to Look

Ask your local Vet – This is one of the surest sources you can go to when you want to know about where to get the best show pets. Your local vet should know one or two breeders.

Go to Pet Shows – Basically, this should be the first place you should go. Many professional breeders will be found at pet shows.

Search the Internet – You have access to a whole lot of information via the internet. Use it to search for websites of local pet breeders near you.

Visit Local Breed Clubs – Also, another fine option when you are doing this search.

The Signs to Look Out For and the Right Questions to Ask

Ask the Breeder about the Breed

The way a breeder talks about a breed shows how excited and interested they are in that breed. This displays how much they invested into it and can directly translate to the quality of the breed.

Inquire about the Breeder’s experience in pet shows and their credentials

When someone is breeding just for fun, you can see how much class stands between their breed and that of a professional breeder who takes pride in their work. Talk to them and ask about their experience and what credentials they have to show their expertise.

Ask about the source of the pet

Learn about the sire (pet’s father) and the dam (pet’s mother) from the breeder. Any breeder who can’t talk about them intelligently is not sure of what they are doing.

Does the Breeder interview you?

For someone who owns a “pet producing factory”, they don’t really care what happens to the pet after they get their money. That shows how disinterested they are, and therefore thier show pet would not be your best option available. A breeder who interviews you wants the pet to go to deserving buyers. This is a good sign.

Pay attention to the condition of the pets

You don’t want pets that are scared of humans, or too shy to be approached. This can be evidence of maltreatment early in life. Watch how they react to the presence of the breeder so you can understand what happens when no one is around. Also, keep your eyes peeled for signs of malnutrition like exposed ribs.

Observe the pet’s parents

It’s almost too difficult to get hold of the sire, but the dam is almost always around. So observe the pet’s mother and you will get some insight into how the pet will behave in the future.

Request for references

A breeder who can provide you with a number of people they’ve worked with in the past is a real professional. Let them tell you if they have had any returns before and why.

With these few pointers, you can rest assured that making the best decision about where to get your show pet is going to be significantly easier than before.